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Customers Inquiring About Casino Nights Want Clean Tables At Casino Parties.

Thinking of renting some casino tables for a casino night party? Many times, renters ask about the price, does the company have experience and actually have professional casino tables for casino parties instead of table toppers.

But they forget to ask to see the tables to ensure the tables are clean and the felt on top of the tables isn’t showing spots from drink spills at casino parties. It is important to know what type of felt or wool is used for casino rentals at any casino night party. This will help determine the best cleaner to use to clean spots if an accident should occur.

Some Companies Use Top-Grade C.W. House Wool For Casino Nights

C.W. House is a brand of wool that has been manufactured and used to cover casino table rentals at casino parties since 1867. This cloth was an industry standard until professional casino companies started using synthetic layouts.

Are synthetic layouts better? Some casino nights party goers may prefer a synthetic layout because they can be digitally manipulated to include a casino night party sponsor’s company or business logo. This new synthetic material is also treated to be fade-resistant and spill-resistant.

Ask What Precautions Companies Take At Casino Nights

Does a professional company add a surcharge onto any casino table rental to cover cleaning costs in the event of a spill? Or do they employ other methods?

Some companies who rent professional equipment will not only use tables covered with synthetic materials, but they will also cover their equipment with a mylar covering. This keeps the table protected from guests who may set their drinks down on the table top. This is an option that some may prefer to have but is not always the choice for others.

Wiping Up Spills Afterwards At Casino Night Party

Though professional companies may prepare for spills; sometimes preparations do not do enough to prevent spills from wetting tabletops.

Is it okay to use an organic cleaner on a rented table? It might be better to test a clean and spray a little in an area that isn’t very noticeable. Some cleaners have a tendency to take the color out of fabric if directly sprayed onto the surface. If any of the company’s professional dealers are nearby, alert one of them before attempting to clean any spot unassisted.

There are some businesses who offer casino cleaning products specifically for the casino industry that may be used on table layouts without damaging them. These cleaners can also brighten the tops of any tables two to three times more so they are ready for Black Jack, Three-Card Draw, Texas Hold’em or other popular card games.