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If you want to change up your normal corporate parties or are looking for a special birthday celebration, Casino Parties are a great way to entertain your guests and employees. We take care of bringing all the tables and dealers necessary to achieve that Vegas feel.

During a casino night, your guests are “forced” to interact with one another while playing our different casino games. We carry Black Jack tables, Poker Tables, Craps, Roulette, Money Wheels, Pai Gow, Three card poker, etc…

How does a Casino Party Usually work?

Full House Casino provides casino quality tables and dealers thus creating the excitement of Las Vegas style gambling. Your guests will all start with a certain amount of playing chips (usually $500 per guest). Throughout the night your guests will have accumulated some more chips, at least the lucky ones. For the unlucky guests that are not as fortunate, the host has the option of supplying them with another starter chip (worth$500), no need to go to an ATM. The host will be a popular person that night since they control the funny money. Your guests will be thrilled by the ambiance and vegas type of excitement

Common Questions:

“How many tables do I need for my event?”

A good rule of thumb is 50% to 70% of your guests playing at one time. However if it is a fundraiser, you want as many or all your guest playing simultaneously.

“What if my guest loose all their chips?”

For a normal event the host can choose to give their guest another Starter Chip. For Fundraisers the host may want to charge an additional fee for any re-buys.

“Is Gratuity for the Dealers included in the price?”

No. Gratuity is not included but greatly appreciated by your dealers. The average tip ranges between $20-$50 per dealer.