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Live auctions are great for a casino party and can be tied into a casino party theme

A casino party is a night of games, tasty finger foods, a glass of wine or two at a charity event. But it also means a number of hours for organizers before the first casino party theme streamers are hung or any casino party supplies are bought.

Organizers must meticulously plan each small detail of a casino party to ensure it is a successful money maker from start to finish and a fun time for guests. Besides casino table games at a casino party with a theme, organizers should carefully consider entertainment options. A live auction can be a wonderful money maker. But, organizers should start planning months in advance as it may take a while to secure donated items, especially if those items are being donated by a celebrity or other notable public figure.

Getting in Touch for delivery of casino party supplies and donations

Sometimes when organizers are planning an event, they limit themselves to local personalities. However, many companies donate to organizations and causes across the U.S. How do you get companies to say yes to requests when they get a mountain of requests?

Contact the PR department and ask how the best way is to submit a request for a donation. Then, send a professional letter outlining what the event is, why money is being fundraised and what the purpose is of the charitable organization. Plan several months early because companies sometimes must go through boards to release funds for charitable donations. And, don’t be concerned if a celebrity doesn’t respond right away to a request for a donation for a casino party theme event. Send a follow-up letter a month after a request for a donation to ensure your initial request wasn’t laid aside if you receive no response.

Securing donations and casino party supplies

Have the donations? And, starting to round up party supplies? There is still plenty of work that must be done if organizers are planning a live auction event. First, all the items must be categorized. This will allow guests at the event to know exactly what items are being auctioned.

Depending on the amount of donations, item descriptions can take several pages. However, the item descriptions are an important part of getting any buyers to pull out their cash at a casino party theme event. Items still have to be arranged so that they can be pulled easily for auction and displayed clearly.

Check on other casino party needs

Tickets must be on the list of casino party supplies to secure, so that an accurate count of buyers is recorded. Once party supplies are bought and items tagged, described and arranged, all organizers have left is to hang streamers, make final plans with the professional company hired to provide the table games and dealers, double-check with the caterer about refreshments and make sure ticket takers know their duties. Organization, clear communication and task delegation is key to ensuring any casino party is a success.

Once the doors open for a casino party, organizers can relax and have a little fun themselves. Most of the hard work is finished. Mingle with guests and enjoy throwing down the dice a little.