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Make any casino fundraiser successful with professional casino game rental

Casino fundraisers can great opportunities for organizers to host a cash bar and offer a few free drink tickets for guests. How do you make guests interested in what is being served?

Offering several types of signature cocktails can be one way to make any casino fundraiser financially more successful. Offer guests who are about to try a casino game rental a Black Cherry Cocktail, made with black cherry liquor and white Russian. Or, offer Strawberry Daiquiris to guests. This can be one way organizers keep within a red and black theme for a casino night party. Other suggestions for cocktails may be champagne punch, holiday spice punch, buttered rum, brandy Alexander or White Russian.

Handing out table-sponsored favors at casino game rental

While guests enjoy games of Blackjack, Roulette, Pai Gow, Texas Hold’em, Snake Eyes and any other casino game rental, they can receive company-sponsored favors such as free toothbrushes, pens, nail files or mirrors, combs, candies and other small favors.

Guests can also enjoy edible favors from their tables. What are edible treats guests may like? Hand out mini red velvet cupcakes to guests to tuck into before they hit any casino game rental or to take home.

Dinner party for casino night casino fundraiser is good idea

Is the dinner upscale or more casual? Tea candles are a good choice for tables if one is unsure how upscale the dinner party is. Guests can enjoy finger foods such as hummus dip, bacon-wrapped scallops or gourmet beef sliders. For more upscale dining, guests will like beef sliders, caviar, and shrimp cocktail.

This can allow guests to enjoy an evening of conversation before hitting a casino game rental or spinning a roulette wheel. Organizers must coordinate their casino fundraiser theme to meet casino night party goers expectations. If casino night party goers enjoy a barbecue theme, luau theme or Hollywood theme or a black and white high-rollers theme, they will want to attend another casino night.

This can be an extra money-maker for any casino fundraiser and earn a non-profit organization more funds. Guests can also get the whole experience of stepping into a Las Vegas casino by having dinner before playing a hand or two of Texas Hold’em.